Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back from Beadland!

Here I am, back for a couple of weeks now from the Bead and Button Show. It was such an amazing experience....better even than last time I think. I had a great time with my projects, and an even better time with my friends. I am so inspired to create, which is great because of my recent drought of creativity. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to bring any of my ideas to fruition, but I hope that will end soon. One thing that I came back with was an identity crisis for my business name. My former business name was Gypsybeads, and it was near and dear to my heart. The problem? Every time that someone heard my name they thought Cheap Hippy Jewelry, instead of Fun, Eclectic, and Colorful. So when I moved to Denver, I came up with Artifice Studios which sounds very artful and modern. As much as I like my new name, my old name really embodies for me the spirit of my jewelry...so I'm turning back time and embracing the path of the Gypsy again. Have any of you had problems with your chosen name? Drop me a line to let me know.