Thursday, September 29, 2011

Candy Corn is bad for your teeth!

I made these Candy Corn Pendants out of Polymer Clay, but had to fashion my own 'cookie cutter' because all the commercial ones I found were waaayyyy too big for what I wanted them for.  I used Diamond Glaze to make the glitter stripes (which was a bit of a PITA), and then used several coats of Ice Resin to top it off.  I am very pleased with the outcome I must say, what do you think?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am home by Sirona's Lark

An original song by a sweet friend of mine.  May her talent take her far!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Great Movies to Bead by....

Description: With characters, drama, and romance vivid enough for a masterwork of fiction, this story is all the more fascinating because it is true. Based on Stella Tillyard's acclaimed biography that "made history sexy again" (London Sunday Times), it paints an intimate portrait of 18th-century upper-class life in England and Ireland through the eyes of four beautiful high-born sisters. Caroline, Emily, Louisa, and Sarah Lennox were great-granddaughters of a king, daughters of a cabinet minister, and wives of politicians and peers. Well-educated, strong-minded, and distinctly individual, they take charge of their own lives, tempting scandal with their unconventional ideas about love, marriage, education, and fidelity.

What I like:  You all know my weakness for period dramas, and this one is no exception.  It centers around the infamous Lennox sisters who were 5 daughters of Charles Lenox, 2nd Duke of Richmond, who live a charmed life with not only  plenty of money, but with parents who actually love eachother, which was an oddity at the time. The gowns and jewels outshine even the sumptuous scenery in this story of intrigue and scandal. It's one of the longer Masterpiece Classics, running nearly 5 hours in 3 parts, but I found the whole storyline enjoyable, with little 'down time'.

Favorite Quote: 
Lady Emily: Is not the act of love... strange? Jimmy says that its frequent use is necessary to a woman's health and happiness.
Caroline : That's abominably indelicate. 
Lady Emily: He says what he thinks.  
Caroline: I'm sure one sees many mighty comfortable old virgins.  
Lady Emily: Perhaps that is so. But one is awfully glad not to be among them... 

Take the Lead
Description:  Inspired by a true story, Antonio Banderas stars as internationally acclaimed ballroom dancer Pierre Dulane in the energetic and moving film Take The Lead. When Dulane volunteers to teach dance in the New York public school system, his background first clashes with his students' tastes...but together they create a completely new style of dance.

What I like:  Alright, I'll admit it:  I love Antonio Banderas.  Oh you do too?  I probably could have guessed that. ;)  He does  a great job of playing a shy, yet talented ballroom dance instructor, and the scene where he 'shows' the students the tango is not to be missed.  Don't we all wish we could dance like that?  I admit, that the actual background stories of the kids could have almost been completely cut out in favor of more dancing, but there are plenty of dance scenes present, so we'll forgive them trying to add in more 'plot'.

Favorite Quote: