Thursday, March 31, 2011

For your Viewing Pleasure....

TribalTique Denver at Cues and Tattoos in Seattle this past week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aberle Garden Necklace

My friend Julianna (of Julianna's Belly Moves) has the most endearing little girl named Olive who attends a local Montessori School.  When she announced that they needed donations for their fundraiser, I was happy to send something her way.  I chose the olive-colored beads for obvious reasons, and the fuschia because it is Julianna's signature color.  When pressed to name the art piece on the school's form, the first thing that came to mind is Olive's Garden, but that didn't work for obvious reasons, so I went with Aberle which is Julianna's Maiden name, and the inspiration was kind of a family affair ;)

If you are in the Denver,CO area, and wish to attend the fundraiser, it is this
Thursday, March 24 from  6:00pm - 10:00pm at Root Down 1600 West 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO .  You can click here for a little more information:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

'The Count' Unnecessarily Censored

A little something to brighten your day....I was really glad not to be drinking anything when I saw this ;)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Words

Let me say, first and foremost, that I love my dictionary and thesaurus, and I even like and, and use them often.  That being said, it is a rare event that I have no idea what a word means, at least at its base.

While reading A Dangerous Affair by Caro Peacock,

I came across the word 'Syllabub' which was central to the plotline.  Now, I could discern from the text that it involved cream, and likely a hefty dose of liquor, and was correct in my assumption, but I just had to look it up to make sure.  Here is what tells us:


1. a spiced drink made of milk with rum, port, brandy, or wine, often hot
2. ( Brit ) a cold dessert made from milk or cream beaten with sugar, wine, and lemon juice
3. a dessert of beaten cream that is thickened with gelatin, sweetened, and flavored with wine or liquor.

So there's your new word for the week!  Hope you like it ;)

What did I think of the book?  I was excited to read a novel about Victorian England, but I admit I was a bit disappointed in what I hoped would be a strong heroine.  It seemed as if the plot was thrown together at the end...of course, I was reading an advance copy, so maybe some things changed in the end.  It was a lovely idea, but doesn't prompt me to bother reading the rest of the series.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fuschia Bat Necklace

This is the necklace that I am donating to Belly Dancing for Bats, a benefit to raise money to support research to support research to stop White Nose Syndrome, a horrible disease that is killing millions of bats annually.  I created the centerpiece using polymer clay covered in black glitter.  The Fuschia Swarovski Crystals dangle from a Silver-plated swag chain.  The necklace measures 16" with a 2" extender chain for a total of 18 inches.

 If you are in the Denver, CO area, you can attend the belly dance show and auction on Saturday, May 14th from 6-9pm at the Bug Theater located at 3654 Navajo Street, Denver, CO.  I hope to see you there!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Movies to Bead by....Luck of the Irish Edition

Waking Ned Devine (1998)
When Ned Devine dies from shock after winning the lottery, two longtime friends, Micheal and Jackie, discover the body and agree Ned would want them to benefit from his good luck. They embark upon an outrageous scheme to claim the ticket but first they have to get all the townsfolk to go along with their plan!

It really doesn't get any funnier than this! This movie is very much in the vein of Last of the Summer Wine with the little old men being michief-makers, and the women trying to clean up after them. It won more awards than you can shake a stick at including Best Feature.

My favorite line:
Jackie O'Shea: And don't take it personally, Finn, but I bought you some expensive, fruity soaps. Take them home, try them out.

The Secret of Roan Inish (1994)
Following the death of her mother, young Fiona (Jeni Courtney) is sent to live with her grandparents on the Irish coast across from Roan Inish, the island where her family once lived. She's told stories about the selkies--seals that can turn into humans--who have been connected with Fiona's family over the ages. At first she's not sure if the selkies are real or mythological, but she later realizes that they hold the key to reclaiming her family heritage.

This is one of those heart-warming movies that just gets you. I love the fantasy aspect, as they treat it like truth. The little girl is endearing, and the beauty of the scenery cannot be denied.

My favorite quote:

Tadhg: Once a Selkie finds its skin again, neither chains of steel nor chains of love can keep her from the sea. From that day on, it was forbidden to harm a seal on the island.