Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aberle Garden Necklace

My friend Julianna (of Julianna's Belly Moves) has the most endearing little girl named Olive who attends a local Montessori School.  When she announced that they needed donations for their fundraiser, I was happy to send something her way.  I chose the olive-colored beads for obvious reasons, and the fuschia because it is Julianna's signature color.  When pressed to name the art piece on the school's form, the first thing that came to mind is Olive's Garden, but that didn't work for obvious reasons, so I went with Aberle which is Julianna's Maiden name, and the inspiration was kind of a family affair ;)

If you are in the Denver,CO area, and wish to attend the fundraiser, it is this
Thursday, March 24 from  6:00pm - 10:00pm at Root Down 1600 West 33rd Avenue, Denver, CO .  You can click here for a little more information:


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