Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot's almost over!

After the Thanksgiving holiday, my real challenges came into full swing. I had offered a full line-up of classes for December, and people were actually signing up! I had the opportunity to teach a collage pendant class to young ladies in Aurora Public Schools, so that took up several evenings and days of preparation and execution. I had Bead Society meetings, and custom orders, and my first 'real' newsletter to contend with. On top of classes, I had 2 shows to attend, and had a great time at both :) The challenges seemed never-ending, but we're winding down now.

This Monday and Tuesday were my first days off, and I spent them cleaning my bead room with my friend Shannon (after seeing the delights of my friend Dustin's collection all displayed beautifully, I was a bit shamed by my dirty and hidden treasures). On Monday, Shannon and I both made our own versions of tiny crystal and pearl crowns which I expounded upon on Tuesday to make a better looking version of mine. I have included pictures of both for your perusal. Maybe I'll make a whole line of little crowns and scepters....what do you think?

After seeing the TribalTique Denver crew in mustaches for their circus-themed event, I have had an obsession with mustaches, and want to craft with the image. I'll let you know if anything comes of this newfangled obsession.

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