Thursday, May 13, 2010

Note on shiny craft makers ;)

Shiny craft makers are uber cool. We have this super-secret shiny club that meets and makes shiny things, and talks about how to take over the world using our shiny things. We meet in a warehouse full of OttLights so that our shiny things are even shinier, or in fields full of sunlight so that our shiny things sparkle to their best advantage.

We have a not-so-secret following that covets our shiny things including Bellydancers (of all varieties), Renaissance Faire attendees, Las Vegas Showgirls, Burlesque Dancers, and other Magpies, and we love you :)

If you are a jewelry designer, glass-worker, costume designer, or use shiny things in your crafts (personal or professional), welcome to the club. If you don't use shiny things in your crafts, please find the nearest shiny craft maker, have them take you shopping for shiny things , then use them in your crafts, and accept that shiny is the only way to go. If you are having trouble finding the nearest shiny craft person, they may look something like this: (Yes, I am the king. Shiny things rule and so do I ;)
Still having trouble? Please contact me and I'll find a shiny craft person to suit your needs ;)

Baubles and Beads,



  1. I will happily volunteer as a shiny craft person if needed!

  2. As will I. Hooray for the super secret shiny crafters club...

    Very cute posting Megan :)

  3. I will put you on the list Julianna. Your shiny expertise will certainly come in handy :)

    Thanks Kris! It's a good club to belong to ;)

  4. I knew you'd like it Melissa ;)


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