Monday, December 27, 2010

Sneaky old Christmas ;)

I will be the first to admit that Christmas kind of snuck up on me....okay, it totally ambushed me in broad daylight while I was looking straight at it, but you get my point.

On top of this being my first holiday season in my shop, I had 3 shows in the first couple weeks of December.  Two of the shows were in one day, with the first being at my shop, and the an evening show with Raqs Nova for their Troupe Show.  Needless to say I was exhausted at the end of it all.

I taught a couple Free Demos with inexpensive kits available to go with them:  one a Leather and Lampwork Bookmark, and the other my Queen of Hearts Snowflake Ornament. (you'll see them pop up in my Etsy shop soon ;)

I even managed to find some time to craft some Disco Ball Rings for the TribalTique Funky Town Show.

And I created something else that I can't show you until I get a chance to show it to the person it's intended for ;)

Other than that it's been a very quiet holiday season for me with my husband out of town, and my Assistant Tara visiting her family.  I had 3 whole days off in a row which is unheard of, so I was thankful for that, and I'll have another 3 coming for New Years too.  I hope that you all of your Holidays were both Merry and Bright, that you got everything you wanted, and made everything you intended to (unlike me ;).  Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. I love the ornament, the bookmark, and ring! I'm not sure which is my favorite -- maybe the ring, but I want to make one with only black, silver, and maybe blue and purple. :)

    I'm working on a cross-stitch for Fiona and I'll have my train trip back to Denver on Tuesday to see how much more I can do!

  2. Thanks Buffy! I kept one of the Black rings for myself to match my black sequinned tank top. If you ever see strung sequins in multi-color, please let me know!

    Have a safe trip back, and I hope to see you soon!

  3. I'm so excited to hear about your new space! I'll keep my eyes out for multi-color strung sequins. :)


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