Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First Annual Denver County Fair

I am pleased to announce that my Butterfly Garden Necklace won the First Place Blue Ribbon for Jewelry Design in the Fashion Pavilion at the Denver County Fair!
While I'm both humbled and ecstatic about the win, I didn't win nearly as many ribbons as my friend Julianna of Julianna's Wardrobe who won the Third Place Ribbon in the Jewelry Design Category, as well as both First and Third Place Ribbons in the Costume Design section!  Go team!


  1. Love the necklace! Wish I were brave enough to wear the white costume. I think my husband would like that one!

  2. Hi, um... I'm really sorry, but that jewelry was not the third place winner at the fair. -_-; The winners are listed here:

    ...I'm really delighted to see a pic of your necklace and the bellydance costumes, though! I loved them and forgot to get any pictures myself that day! Thank you so much for posting!

  3. Marie: Thanks so much! And you could totally wear that costume, no bravery required...just have a 'private' showing for your husband ;)

  4. Star: Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! It lists my Assistant Tara as the third place winner (which would also be fabulous), but they definately handed the ribbon to Julianna for her necklace and earring set(as pictured above), so something's amiss. Any idea who we could talk to about that?

  5. I'm sorry, I'm still learning this particular blog system - it didn't give me a notification that you'd responded. ^_^; The third place winner in jewelry was a mostly black and green seed-beaded cuff with an asymmetrical design based around an irregularly shaped focal. Seeing Tara's work above, definitely the same sort of design/work. :)

    I found the third place ribbon misplaced just as a fair attendee (I don't know who she was) was about to leave a note of complaint that the seed beading should've gotten a ribbon. Mortifying. -_-; I went to make sure with the pavilion head, and she checked the judging sheets, and sure enough, the ribbon was just put in the wrong place. People were using the building doors off to the left, so we think the wind took the ribbon eventually, and someone just put it back in the wrong place. It must've been mislaid for at least an hour. :( We put the ribbon under the winning bracelet after that. (This was all on Friday - only day I was there.)

    Next year I'm pushing for pictures of the winning entries to be posted too, not just the names of the winners. ;)

  6. ...Also, it wouldn't hurt if I'd answer the question asked... *facepalm*
    I have some contact info for fair people and can ask... but I'm not sure what to ask if their records have it right. I don't know how handing out ribbons and/or entry pick-up actually went, since I only got to go for the Friday - did the ribbon actually get handed to the wrong person? I know the filled-out judging sheets had it as the green bracelet being third... ^_^;


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