Saturday, October 29, 2011

Enhancing the Hot Dog (or how to make a store-bought costume Sparkle!)

This year was my first Halloween with my tiny dog Delica, so I wanted to make sure she was decked out.  I simply didn't have the time to make her a costume in time, so I went in search of a store-bought one.  I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped.  I wanted a Tinkerbell costume that didn't have Angel wings instead of fairy wings, and I thought I could put together a Peter Pan outfit to match.  I never found one.  I saw a Headless Horseman costume that looked like it was 'riding' the dog, but no one had one in her size.....then I went in to a Petco, and saw the Hot Dog.  I know it's a cliche', but when she's bad I tell her that I'm going to eat her on a bun with mustard, and this costume had mustard, so I was forced right?  The only problem was that the only one they had left in her size had the velcro practically ripped off of it...or at least it would have been a problem if I wasn't the 'crafty' type ;).

So I took the broken item up to the counter, told them the issue, and asked for a discount (I rarely do this, but I wanted the damn thing so bad).  To my surprise they offered me a 50% discount, so I got the base for $10....SCORE!

I decided that I needed to 'chick' up my hotdog a bit by first glittering the mustard squiggle:

Then covering the 'seeds' on the bun with Swarovski Crystal flatbacks just for good measure:

And what I ended up with was a cute, relatively inexpensive costume that was comfortable for her to wear, and warm to boot!  Plus, it put a smile on my face, and everyone else who saw her that day.  Happy Halloweener everyone ;)


  1. I haven't met her yet! So cute.

  2. That lil pup is the cutest! Happy Halloween! xo.

  3. Thanks ladies! Buffy, we'll have to arrange a formal introduction ;)

  4. Any chance you have some time to come visit tomorrow? :)

  5. Unfortunately not. I'm kind of swamped right now in small retail world for black friday weekend. Not sure when the next actual 'off' day I'll have, but I'll keep you posted!


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