Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Long time, no see...

I have recently been reminded that I haven't blogged in ages. This is mainly due to the fact that I have been using a huge block of my time preparing for buying a house. We did find a house we liked in a very short period of time, and are now getting ready to close on it in a week or so. To answer the question that I'm sure is burning in all of your minds.....Yes, I will have my own bead room! It is a lovely little room that opens out onto a little balcony (that needs a little work), and it has the best light in the house, so I'm sure my beads will be happy there. I'm still working on storage solutions and the like since I get to build my room from the ground up. I've decided to go with a nice french blue for the walls, and white for the trim and furniture. A medium hardwood floor would suit me nicely. I'll be tearing out my closet to put in shelving most certainly. So, a lot of painting and a bit of demolition, and I'm sure I'll be pleased as punch with my new room. I promise to post pictures as soon as I have some. In the meantime, here are the before pictures. Wish me luck!

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