Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jade's Necklace

When I came back from the Bead&Button Show this past June, I brought with me some fabulous vintage Swarovski Crystal cabochons, and graciously agreed to share some with the shop.  They didn't last long.  When Jade of 5280 Platinum Studios stopped by, she just had to have me make something with the Smoked Topaz rounded triangles, but what to make?  We decided on stacking them as a centerpiece with a bit of beadweaving around them, and I set to turning the crystals into a pendant.  The pendant has been done for a while, but the rest of the necklace wasn't really coming to me, so I let it sit and stew until I found the perfect accompanying pieces.  Yesterday, I think I found a great combination that not only looks fabulous, but allows the centerpiece to shine.  Here's what I've come up with:
I used an irridescent purple natural pearl, double-drilled shell spacer bars in purple, Swarovski Crystals in Amethyst and Smoked Topaz, and added antiqued copper daisy spacers and slightly tarnished copper balls.  It still has a way to go (for one I need to figure out which clasp will work best), but I think I'm on the right track....what do you think?


  1. That centerpiece is just stunning!

  2. Thanks! It's coming along nicely. I've decided to change it a little bit by adding in another set of spacer bars, and changing the front a I only have to find an appropriate clasp ;)


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