Sunday, January 23, 2011

First piece in the new shop!

The weather outside has been very bipolar.  One day, it's sunny and 50, the next, it's below zero and snowing.  Welcome to Colorado ;) 

I had a great opening week in the new shop seeing both old and new customers alike.  I barely had time to do anything extra that wasn't pricing, bagging, tubing, etc, but I got the chance on Friday to set everything else aside, and just bead.  Here's what I came up with:
I love them.  No, really.  I had a great time wearing them the next day, and I may wear them every day for the next month or so....or longer.
I can't decide what to call them though.  I posted the question on Facebook, and my friends came up with a ton of great ideas including (but not limited to):  Mystic Cascades, several variations on Orion Cascades (but I already have a pair named Orion ), Constellation, Shooting Stars, Trifecta in Crystals...the list goes on and on.  My friend Julianna of Julianna's Wardrobe thought that they reminded her of  often-sparkly woman who does Aerial Hoop performances, so I looked up different names for that, and found that Lyra and Cerceau refer to the performance, and both literally mean 'hoop'.  I kind of like Cerceau, but I'm still debating.  What do you think?


  1. Cerceau is very pretty, and would be a simple name for them :)
    So glad you have gotten mostly settled in and actually got to make something.

  2. Thank you. I like the simplicity of it too. And I'm so happy that I actually got to make something my first week open. Maybe I'll have to make it a bi-weekly ritual eh?

  3. How would 'Cerceau' be pronounced? I think my brain wants to add in extra letters or sounds. lol! I kind of like Lyra myself, but that may only be because I can't manage to mentally pronounce the other! ;)

    They are stunning though!!!

  4. I'm so excited for your new space. I hope to make it in eventually!

  5. Melissa: Cerceau is pronounced SairSew, and Lyra is prounounce leerah (only the r is the back of the throat French R if you know what I mean). You can type in either word here|en| and press the listen button on the French side to hear them better :)

    Buffy: Thank you so much. I'm settling in a bit, but the place is still a mess. I have no clue where many things are right now, but hope to remedy the situation soon.


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