Saturday, December 24, 2011


This year for the holiday season, my husband and I decided to spread some cheer by fostering a dog that would have otherwise been put to sleep.  We named him Magellan, and call him Gelly.  He's only been with us a short while, but he's warmed up quickly, and we're helping to train him so that he can find a forever home.  Here are a few pics of his first few days as he was getting accustomed to our family (and our Delica was getting accustomed to him ;)  Please consider fostering, adopting, or volunteering to help the furry ones who cannot help themselves. Visit pPaws Forward Denver to see how you can help in the Denver metro area :)  Enjoy!

 Gelly in my bead shop.  He had literally been there for 10 minutes at this point.  Delica didn't know what to think of him as you can see by the look on her face!
 We bought this huge dog bed for Gelly, and her royal highness Delica took it over immediately.  She figures that, as the alpha dog of the house, she should have her pick...he didn't seem to mind.
Gelly seemed to never have played with toys before, so we bought him a few for 'big dogs', and instead he took over all of Delica's little plushy toys!  We call this the Gelly Dragon Hoard.  He literally collected all of the toys he could find and brought them to this futon to keep an eye on ;) 

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