Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Show!

I had a great show this past weekend at Jonsey's Art Bazaar. I met tons of wonderful artists and designers, and sold some stuff to boot. I met Vivian Vavoom and Reyna Von Vett of Black Box Burlesque, a new Burlesque venue here in Denver. They offer plenty of classic Burlesque shows, as well as some flashy Hollywood Glamour style shows. Vivian taught a mini tassel-twirling lesson to innocent bystanders ;). I have included a picture of a couple of the participants wearing their pin-on pasties! She also does bridal parties, and girl's night's out. I also met Chef Julia who makes the most delightful strawberry, lemon, and coconut flavored marshmallows. Need a lesson in cooking? Chef Julia's your girl! Love vintage jewelry, but can't afford it? Check out Retro Betty! She makes new jewelry using vintage buttons and images. Keep an eye out next month for me to teach a mini bellydance lesson at the bazaar. Saturday, June 20th, high noon!

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