Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Re-organizing my Creative Space!

So, for years now, I've been trying to re-organize my creative space. I'll admit that I have a tendency to be excessively messy when creating a project, and then I won't clean it up before I start a new one, and then I start a new one's a vicious cycle. This year, in honor of the upcoming Bead&Button Show, and the Bead Unique Bead Swap, I decided to at least organize my craft station that my husband built for me last year for my birthday. Here are the results, but you should see my 5x5 tall craft table in the middle of the room! It's piled with crafty goodness, and I can't find anything. So last night I started to clean it off (without piling all the stuff somewhere else). I would love to come home to a clean craft area when I get back from Bead&Button. We'll see how it goes. Does anybody have any great tips on organizing tons of teeny-tiny stuff?

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