Friday, May 15, 2009

So much going on!

These past few weeks have been exhausting. Between art shows, teaching, and trying to get ready for the Bead&Button Show at the end of the month, I hardly don't know what to do with myself! I've been sewing, beading, and organizing like mad, and I hope it all pays off in the end. I have a show tomorrow called Jonsey's Art Bazaar between noon and 3 tomorrow. Stop by to see me if you get a chance.

I still haven't made anything for the Bead Unique Bead Swap. I swear, I'm just having beader's block. Thing is that I have to get it together, like, now to make the deadline on June 5th. It sounds far away, but I leave for the Bead&Button Show on Saturday, May 30th, so I won't have time after that. I'm looking at a little bit of a lull for the next week after the show, so I hope that something comes to me and quick! Wish me luck!

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