Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Terrified....

So many of you know that I will be moving the bead shop from a kiosk to a small storefront in a couple of weeks. I must admit that I'm both excited and terrified at the possibility of being in my own storefront (no matter how tiny it is). I've ordered the slatwall, the hooks, the register, and a lot of new product to fill my 170sqft space. I have been bagging and tagging for weeks now with no particular end in site. Sometimes I wonder where I'm going to put all the new product, and then I think I don't have enough. I'm out of money though, so I guess it will have to do.

My new location is 4340 E. Kentucky Ave. in Glendale,CO 80246. I will be located in the inner courtyard of the Workshops Building about a block down on the right if you're coming from Colorado Blvd. I hope you find me, and keep coming back :)

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