Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Challenge: 12 weeks to a cleaner Beadroom!

Yes, you read it right....BEAD room. Two years ago, when my husband and I were looking for a house, my one stipulation was that it had to have a BEAD room (for those of you who are wondering, HIS stipulation was that it had to have a place to build a PUB.;)
So, we found a house, we moved in....I found the perfect French Blue and Frosty White to paint my Beadroom. I painted it, my husband laid hardwood floor, and I moved in a little table and chair. For my birthday a month later my husband hand-built a beautiful bookcase,
large bead table with storage cubes,

and a work station, complete with shelves in what used to be the closet.

Within two weeks, I had the vast majority of my crafty stuff moved in. Within a couple of months, the room looked like.....we'll just call it Creatively Cluttered ;).

Three or Four months later, I 'noticed' the clutter, and decided that I was trying to fit too many crafts into one room, so I took over a small room in the basement as my 'sewing' room to keep all of my fabric and sewing notions (I have yet to sew there...) . The clutter stayed about the same for the next few months with one little space cleared off on the counter of my workstation for me to work at, and a space at the table that stayed relatively clear....then I opened the kiosk...and then the bead shop....and then product for the new shop took over, and the little spaces I had cleared off suddenly became pricing stations.

When I needed somewhere to bead, I found a tray, and retreated to the couch....whether my husband was there to keep me company or not. It's gone on like that for months now, and I started to wonder why I had a bead room that I can't bead in. Why am I digging for the Modge Podge every time I use it when that I use it often? Why are my old cd's in easy reach (they're already on my IPod), and my soldering iron is on the other side of the room? The solution? Organize and clean!

I'm giving myself 12 weeks, starting now, to get my room into some semblance of a working order. Why 12 weeks? I have no clue. It seemed like a nice round number that was a little down the road so that I can pretend that I'm going to get something done.;) Now, notice that the title of this post is a 'cleaner' Beadroom, not a CLEAN one, so don't expect the room to shine like the top of the Sears Tower, but anything is a start at this point... Pictures of my disaster area coming soon!

Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds like a great endeavor with a realistic time frame and attainable goals that will still stretch your personal boundaries. I am not overly cluttered but we have decided to swap 3 of our rooms in the house for an overall better configuration... this means I have alot of work ahead of me... I'm hoping it wont take me 12 weeks to get there but you never know, especially with as busy as the weekends are lately.

  2. Thanks JoJo ;) I saw that you had cleaned your dance room, and I was shamed....great job by the way!

    Kris: With your recent move, kids, and new job, it's a wonder that you find time to do anything at all!


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