Friday, June 11, 2010

B&B Wednesday Download

On Wednesday, I took the Photo Pendants Under Glass Class with Susan Wade. I was having a hard time at first trying to figure out what was wrong with my technique, until Sue came around and proclaimed that it was my soldering tool, not the technique. She switched me to an extra one of her soldering irons, and the effect was like night and day. I made 3 pieces by the end, and was reasonably happy with the outcome. I left the class with the feeling that I had accomplished something, and took away skills that I can build upon.
After a filling dinner at Benihanas, Shannon and I lugged our bags over to the Meet the Teacher's extravaganza where we oogled the wares that teachers were offering, and managed to get a picture of me standing next to the Guinness Book of World Records record-holder for the longest necklace.

As shown in the picture, they really did make a big pop-up necklace bust to hang it on. It made me smile :)
More later on the first day of shopping, more classes, and even a picture of Dustin's Missile ;)


  1. Those pendants are great Megan, my dad taught me to do stained glass and soldering when I was in grade school, I'd love to compare what I was taught with what you learned. That record holding necklace is fantastic! And I love the humor of the giant bust to.

  2. That's cool Kris, we'll have to compare notes :)


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