Sunday, June 20, 2010

B&B Last Days

On Friday, I got up to help my friend Suzanne at her booth A Grain of Sand. I worked a couple of hours, then took Crystal Elements II. Afterwards I went back to work, getting off an hour before the show closed to shop a bit. Saturday, was my main shopping day, so I got up really early, and was at the show doors when they opened..... I'm lying. I got up at the crack of 10 or 11am, took my time and a shower, and wandered over there around noon-ish. I made a mad dash through the first row ( I love lampwork, but wasn't in the market just then :), and then started buying in the second. My picks:
True Red Shell Pearls: I saw the shell pearls for the first time last year, and didn't pick any up so that I could see how well the coating lasted.

Turquoise Magnesite Skulls: I bought these in both Turquoise and regular cream magnesite. I loved the shape of them. They were very Dia de los Muertos :) I might put little crystals in some of the eyes....not sure yet.

Ammonite Pairs: Laura McCabe put some nautilus components in her Primitive Origins piece, and I've been on the lookout for such neat items. I bought one for myself last year, and thought I would bring some home for you all!
Is that everything I bought? No, but it really was too much to post here. After their debut last Tuesday, a lot of you stopped by to buy beads, and I thank you for it :) Still a bunch left for those of you who are still considering it ;) You can find them in store only at The Peacock Shop. I'll see you there!

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