Friday, August 14, 2009

More Dichro!

After my test firing of my new-to-me kiln, I had to test out the advice so kindly given about the bubbles and pokey ends and such, so I decided to let my friend Shannon have a go at dichro. She did really, really well trying out different combinations of clear and opaque. Some turned out how she'd planned, and some turned out differently. Who knew that seemingly transparent glass would turn out nearly opaque when fired? Not me! So here is her take, wonky pieces and all. And look ma! Almost no bubbles!

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  1. tehee it was so much fun to play with everything. But ack the waiting, having to be patient to see how everything changes. Patience is so not one of my virtues ;) But now, so many ideas of things to do I can't wait to sit down and see what else we can create.


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