Friday, February 19, 2010

Crystallized Bindi Boxes

Many of you have seen my cute little bindi boxes with the vintage ladies, and the little mirror and paper inside, but I've been trying to work with some different materials lately to see what comes of it. First off, I have tried using a dimensional lacquer to give the pictures some depth. This worked out alright the first time I tried, and it opened the door to the possibility of actually adding Swarovski Crystal to the mix (not something that you would want to just 'stick' to the top). Here is the first 'fruit' of that labor with a Waterhouse painting entitled The Crystal Ball, where the 'crystal ball' in the picture has been replaced by a genuine Swarovski Crystal. I'm looking forward to more elaborate crystal embellishment but, in the meantime, this wasn't so bad. :) Looking to have one of your own? This box is for sale in my Gypsybeads Etsy site.

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