Friday, June 10, 2011

B&B Day Two...

Thursday dawned bright and ridiculously early for those taking classes at Bead&Button.  The weather had dropped 30 degrees by the morning to settle somewhere in the low 50's, with an impressive wind that only served to tangle ones hair.  I was set to take my first metal-working class where I would learn how to cut out a skeleton key shape from a sterling silver sheet with a saw boasting a blade so small that it would take you ten minutes to hack through a stick of warm butter with it.  On practically no sleep, I set to the task.

I glued, I sawed, I patina'd, and even learned to make my own headpins with a little ball on the end with a torch (yeah, they gave me sharp objects AND a torch....they don't know me very well do they?).  And what did I have to show for it at the end?  A skeleton really.  I actually made one.  It ain't perfect, but it's passable, and was great for a start.  I even finished the project 3 hours early, and stopped by the hotel for a little nap before the big shopping preview that evening.  How's that for resourcefulness?


  1. Not gonna lie- that looks AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Sweet nice work!

  3. So very beautiful -- I love the colors.

    Moving farther north on Sunday (6th and Sheridan area) - maybe we can see each other more easily.

  4. Love it! Are the colors torch made or enameled? Either way, very pretty.

  5. Thanks Rubiee!

    That would be great Buffy :)

    Vanessa: Neither. It is made using liver of sulfer. Yes, I am the king ;)


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