Sunday, June 5, 2011

B&B Preparations

Preparations for the Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee start for me today (okay, they sort of started yesterday, but you get the point).  All my  most fabulous jewelry is being packed, clothes are being washed and sorted (yes, this is coming with me, no this is not), and I'm gathering my arsenal of beading tools to accompany me.  What's in the bag?  Mainly beading needles, fireline, medical tape, bead mats, a triangle tray, and more than one Ott Light.

As I learned my first year, if you want to bead at The Gathering Place (a pretty much 24 hour a day beading area) you need to bring a project or two....A PROJECT OR TWO ladies, otherwise, you'll never get anything done.  This year I'm debating between taking THE Bag, and a cuff bracelet that I've almost finished, and a pair of sort of 'secret' earrings that I've been working on that came up missing, but I'm sure I could begin again, and THE Bag.  Still not sure.

I've promised myself that I will try to treat this as a 'real' vacation this year, so I'm not really helping out at friend's booths or anything.  Just me, the beads, and maybe a massage or two ;)  Wish me luck!

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