Thursday, June 30, 2011

Great B&B Finds

I finally got some pictures of my favorite things that I brought back from B&B for the shop!  Sorry it took so long...

 Jewel Beetle really.  Laura McCabe used these a few years ago in a necklace, and I've been in love with them ever since.  Tara and I are working out ways to use them now.  We know that we can put holes in them, but we're also thinking about encasing them in resin.
 Bullet Casings.  Can you say Steampunk?  These little beauties have been everywhere from belts to bangles, and everything in between since Steampunk became popular.  I want to tumble them to a high shine, and add Swarovski for a Steampunk Glam look.
 Sparkle Balls!  I admit that I avoided these like the plague for a while.  Why?  I guess I didn't want to appear too cliche' in the way of sparkle.  I already make some sparkle balls myself and didn't know if buying them ready made made me look lazy.  Methinks I'll be able to get away with it ;)
Pearls in fabulous shapes, colors, and sizes.  I love pearls.  Adore them.  Some of these colors just spoke to me, and I even ended up with really small and really big in the name of equality.  What will I do with them?  Likely stare at them until something jumps out at me like I usually do.  I kind of hoard them really....


  1. My favorites are the beetle wings but Fiona likes the sparkle balls. :)

  2. Well, both of you have good taste ;)


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