Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And exhaustion sets in....

Bead and Button is over, Shimmy for the Cure is done with, and Jonsey's Art Bazaar is a thing of the past. I'm finished now right? No more working up to the last minute, and then pouring yourself out of bed at ridiculous hours for Megan to put on your happy face and hope it goes well? The would be incorrect my friend!

Although I had today and yesterday off for the most part, I'm now preparing for two major things: 1) Applying to teach at Bead&Button next year, and 2) Preparing to teach my first 'real' Bellydance lessons in August! Yay! So what do I have to do? For B&B I have to write 3 or 4 sets of instructions for things I made more recently, have then edited, and ready to ship by the due date. When is the due date? No clue! They haven't posted it yet. Part of my says to wait until I know the deadline to panick, part of me says to panick now, and part of me says to put it off and watch television. (Damn procrastinating side!). For bellydance lessons, I have to create lesson plans, and promote (I know, I suck at promoting) myself in a dance world that doesn't know me. Hard you say? Why yes! At what point in time did Megan ever do it the 'easy' way?

What can you do to help? If you're in the Denver Metro Area, have always wanted to take bellydance lessons, and are ready to do so now, then sign up! If you're not in the Denver Area, please send any good energy you can muster my way to help me on my journey. Thanks in advance!


  1. July 31st is the Bead & Button deadline. Hop to it, girl! Let me know if I can help with anything - like my famous red pen!

  2. I saw that when I opened up my email just now!
    I'm hoppin', I'm hoppin'!
    Your red pen is indeed famous...and inked with the blood of naughty children and virgins. Your ability to weild it with such precision is a sight to behold ;)


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