Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Kiosk is Open!

This is my last day at the kiosk this week. I spent Thursday setting up with my friend Shannon (yes, her beautiful glass cabs will be available at the kiosk ;), and Friday trying to settle in. Every night has been spent pumping out as many earrings as possible, tagging, pricing, and carding them. I moved the kiosk around 3 times trying to find a happy medium between jewelry shop, bead shop, and still leaving myself some space for a little workspace. I made a few sales! Yay! And I hope to make more today. I will spend the next 3 days producing as much product as possible, and am considering putting out a little beaded christmas tree to start displaying my holiday line. I would ask if it was too early, but Michael's and Walmart have had theirs out since August. Needless to say, I'm pretty tired.
In case you want to stop by to see me, the address is 7777 E. Hampden Ave, Denver,CO 80202. I'll be here till 5 today, and re-open on Thursday at 10 am. I'm right outside of the movie theater :)

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