Thursday, March 4, 2010

Completely Random....

Anyone who has seen me in person in the last 30 years knows that I love socks. I mean, I REALLY LOVE fun socks! From the little turn-down socks we had as girls with the frilly lace (need to make some of those for big girls you know!), to fruity-colored striped over-the knee socks, I love 'em and wear 'em....sometimes to my husbands' public. Target has had a super-cute line of knee-high and over-the-knees this past winter season, and I ended up with several of them. So today I'm updating my Facebook Fanpage, and I see that one of my friends has become a fan of this shop called Sock Dreams, and at first I think it's GOT to be something naughty, so I check it out, and it's a whole store based out of Portland,OR that is dedicated to selling me all kinds of wonderful socks! Short and tall. Striped and solid. Lacy cut-outs, and tie-dye...they seem to have it all.
Well Sock Dreams, you have a new fan, and a life-long customer in me. And wait until Vanessa finds out ('Nessa, you will just die! They even have Sock Garters with little spiders!)! So check them out if you get a chance, and tell them the Megpie sent you ;)


  1. I seriously love this place! I was so happy to see that they had made a FB page too. I get all my arm warmers from them :)

  2. I need new armwarmers....of course, it will be summer soon, so maybe just some fun socks for my summer skirts eh?


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