Sunday, July 19, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel...

For the last month and a half I have been writing instructions for several of my bead projects so that I can apply to teach at the Bead&Button Show next year. The deadline is July 31st for the postmark, so I've been dashing about like made trying to get the illustrations done for my new projects. Essentially, my time has not been my own as I have grown accustomed to, and I feel as if I'm wilting creatively. I need to break out of it, and get something done, but it's hard when the amount that I have left to do is overwhelming. I'm praying for a miracle at this point, and hope that my prayers are answered somehow.

Today, I made a new pair of earrings for my friend Jessica's birthday. She has a sort of Rockabettie vibe going on, so I made her earrings that look like cherries. I might actually make some more of them to list in Gypsybeads. I don't think that they're very original, but they're cute! Let me know what you think!

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