Thursday, July 16, 2009

Naima's Wedding Jewelry

A friend of mine from Charlotte,NC is getting married at the beginning of August. I was honored that she chose me to create her bridal jewelry. I used 4 Sizes of Pearls and Crystal. I wrapped over 150 beads to give the necklace and bracelet volume, and went with a simple earring. I have to say that I love the way they turned out, and am having a hard time giving them away!

I've always loved pearls. From the cheap plastic ones I wore as a child, to the classy hand-knotted ones I inherited from my Great Grandmother, I've never stopped wearing them. They go with everything from jeans to THE Little Black Dress, so how can one resist?

Several years ago when Swarovski came out with their Crystal Pearls, I was a bit skeptical. Until I saw them in person that is! They are really fabulous in person. They have such a beautiful depth, and they're super strong to boot. No more 'babying' your pearls, just put these ones in with your usualy jewelry cleaner, and you're set! And the colors! Did I mention the colors? Want a tahitian look? Done! Need a white? They've got it! Want a Cream? They have more than one choice! From pinks to yellows to blues and even black, Swarovski has you covered. They come in a variety of sizes (all the way up to 14mm), and are perfectly round without the cost of a natural pearl. So how do I feel about Swarovski Crystal Pearls? I love them, and you should too :)

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