Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marketing Ideas

I'm constantly in search of ways to market myself. My jewelry, my dance; it seems never-ending. Some things work sometimes, and then they don't work as well the next. Some things seem not to work at all, and then a sale comes and makes you think twice. I've tried blogging, posting photos on flickr, and tribe, and facebook. I've tweeted, and personally handed out cards. What's my new thing? A Facebook page for my business Gypsybeads. Apparently I need 1,000 fans to secure my Gypsybeads name, so please add me, and ask your friends to add me. Altogether we've got to know 1,000 people right? I appreciate the help!


  1. A THOUSAND people? How long do you have to get that many people? Geez! Good luck! I'll help where I can.

  2. I believe that there isn't a time limit on how long it takes to get those people, but it is a daunting task indeed! It is their way of getting you to pay them to promote your business with ad words or some such thing. I'm not saying I'll never do it, but I might as well try on my own at first right?


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